U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Director's Advisory Council

The USPAS Director’s Advisory Council reports to the USPAS director to provide advice concerning strategic directions, evolving needs in workforce development in accelerator science and technology, the format and delivery of USPAS sessions and courses, and the performance of the USPAS director and office in administering the school. Each institution of the collaboration supporting USPAS provides a member for the Advisory Council. In addition, the USPAS director may appoint at-large members to broaden the perspective of the Council.  Active input from Advisory Council members is essential to ensure the long-term health of the USPAS. The Advisory Council will attempt to meet yearly, when possible, at a USPAS session. Meeting times will be set by the chair based on needs and schedule. Advisory Council members are expected to attend these meetings in person, and if not possible, to participate via Zoom web conferencing software and/or submit their input to the chair should their schedule preclude direct participation.

The Council’s advice includes, but is not limited to, course curricula and syllabi; instructor selection; session locations and host institutions; evaluation of the financial plans and operations of the sessions; evaluation of the impact of the sessions; USPAS-affiliated degree programs; joint sessions with international counterparts; and scholarships and prizes.  Typically, the Advisory Council reviews annual session summaries and the USPAS annual written report and the director’s presentation on the state of the school when composing input.

Additionally, Council members representing collaboration institutions serve as a point of contact to address any issues related to travel and expenses for instructors and students associated with their institutes.

The Advisory Council is assisted by a Curriculum Sub-Committee that is chaired by an Advisory Council member and includes representatives of the U.S. accelerator science and technology community. The Curriculum Committee assists the director in planning the USPAS curriculum and also reports to the Advisory Council. 

Present members of the Director’s Advisory Council are:

Rod Gerig, (Chair) Argonne National Lab
Jeff Corbett, SLAC National Accelerator Lab
Sarah Cousineau, Oak Ridge National Lab
Jean Delayen, Jefferson Lab
Bob Garnett, Los Alamos National Lab
Wim Leemans, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Sergei Nagaitsev, Fermilab
Thomas Roser, Brookhaven National Lab
Dave Rubin, Cornell University
[TBD], Michigan State University

Young-Kee Kim, University of Chicago