U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Principles of Beam Acceleration course

Sponsoring University:

University of Washington, Seattle


Principles of Beam Acceleration


Perry B. Wilson and David Whittum, SLAC

This course will introduce the principles of particle beam acceleration, first briefly from a historical perspective. Subjects will include: electrostatic accelerators, the betatron, the synchrotron, and the induction linac. We will then develop the theory of microwave linear accelerators in considerable detail, including basic design principles of klystrons, rf pulse compression, and accelerating structures. Particular attention will be paid to the interaction of the particle beam with the accelerating structure i.e., beam loading and wakefields. The course will include a survey of the operating principles of laser and particle beam driven plasma accelerators and dielectric wakefield accelerators. The emphasis throughout will be on the basic underlying physics. A working knowledge of classical mechanics and electromagnetism is required.