U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Computer Methods for Accelerator Physics course

Sponsoring University:

University of Washington, Seattle


Computer Methods for Accelerator Physics


Adam Drobot and John Petillo, SAIC

The course will cover simulation methods and codes for analyzing accelerator components and accelerator systems. The primary emphasis will be on numerical techniques and the integration of physics packages to develop self consistent simulation models. In the lectures we will discuss: (i) code architecture; (ii) techniques for solving Maxwell's equations in 3-dimensions; (iii) static solvers; (iv) particle orbit calculations; (v) particle-in-cell algorithms; (vi) code integration for self consistent simulations; (vii) comparison of numerical approximations with continuum physics; (viii) use of diagnostics and visualization; (ix) applications; and (x) hands-on introduction to commonly used codes. Students should have a familiarity with Fortran, the UNIX operating system and be familiar with basic electromagnetics. They are expected to write modules, assemble, and debug a code system during the course.