U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Accelerator Fundamentals course

Sponsoring University:

University of Washington, Seattle


Accelerator Fundamentals


Michael J. Syphers, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Linda K. Spentzouris, Fermilab

Introduction to particle accelerator fundamentals and basic beam physics. Emphasis will be on design and operational aspects of circular accelerators. Comparisons with other accelerators will be discussed. Basic underlying physics of phenomena and techniques will be stressed. Topics will be divided into three categories: magnets, optics and lattice design, betatron oscillations and tune; RF systems, synchrotron oscillations; and other more specialized topics such as correction systems, beam transfers, RF gymnastics, space charge effects, synchrotron radiation and beam instabilities. Will also discuss measurement techniques of accelerator characteristics and beam properties. Working knowledge of introductory college physics required.