U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Magnetic Systems course

Sponsoring University:

University of California, Berkeley


Magnetic Systems


Ross Schlueter and Klaus Halbach, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Beginning with a review of Maxwell's Equations, this course introduces the fundamentals of the design of electromagnet, pure permanent magnet, and hybrid iron/permanent magnet systems. Topics covered include (1) Theory of a function of a complex variable and its relationship to magnetic design, (2) analytical representations of permanent magnet systems, (3) hybrid system theory, (4) conformal mapping for magnet design, (5) Schwarz-Christoffel technique and applications, (6) design of magnets for accelerator rings, (7) specialty magnets, (8) pure permanent magnet/hybrid magnets/electromagnet insertion devices, (9) eddy current effects, (10) field perturbations and their propagation, (11) magnetic forces, (12) coil construction and cooling, and (13) magnet design economics.