U.S. Particle Accelerator School

MATLAB and Accelerator Physics course

Sponsoring University:

University of Wisconsin - Madison


MATLAB and Accelerator Physics - course cancelled


Andrei Terebilo, SLAC / SSRL

Many common problems in accelerator physics can be formulated in matrix notation and analyzed using linear algebra tools. Problems of this kind are ideally suitable for solving with MATLAB. The course will give a brief (one-day) introduction of the tools available in MATLAB and the possibilities for bringing the accelerator simulation data into MATLAB: formatting the input and reading the output of accelerator codes or performing the simulation in MATLAB using Accelerator Toolbox framework. Then the course will concentrate on a few practical examples from the physics of storage rings. The examples will include: closed orbit control, linear optics correction, and transverse coupling analysis. They will use as inputs, the real measured data sets as well as numerical simulations. Prerequisites: graduate courses in accelerator physics, linear algebra, and numerical methods. Some exposure to accelerator modeling codes is beneficial.