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IU/USPAS Master's Degree FAQs

USPAS/Indiana University Master's in Beam Physics & Technology FAQs

How does this program work?

First you must complete an IU Online Admissions Application. After IU accepts your application and you are formally enrolled at Indiana University, you will come to USPAS sessions twice per year and directly earn Indiana University credit instead of earning host university credit. Detailed information can be found here.

How many credits will I need to earn this degree?

30 credit hours are required with a grade point average of B or above.

Over the years I have attended five USPAS courses. Can I transfer all of that credit to Indiana University towards this degree?

You are allowed to transfer in 8 credits. Your previous USPAS courses most likely earned 3 credits each. This means you may be able to transfer 2 previous USPAS classes but that will depend on how long ago you took the courses. If the credit was awarded more than 5 years ago then you must petition Indiana University to have the credit reinstated.

How long will it take me to complete the degree?

Generally, students may finish in 3 years. The maximum completion time is 5 years.

I am an international student; may I apply to this program?

At this time, Indiana University is unable to accept international students into this program.

What is the cost?

The nonrefundable application fee is $55.00. The cost per credit hour is $150.00.

How do I apply?

To apply for this program please complete an IU Online Admissions Application. Send a copy of your undergraduate transcripts and provide three letters of recommendation. Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores are strongly recommended. It is very important that you indicate in the "statement of purpose" and in the "student comments section" that the distance M.S. in Beam Physics is desired. Applications may be submitted any time, but they should arrive before October 1 to ensure the ability to register and get credit for courses taken after Jan 1.

IU's "How to Apply" instructions

Does USPAS financial support cover the Indiana University tuition?

Unfortunately, no. The USPAS cannot pay the tuition owed to Indiana University for this degree.