Financial Support FAQs

What type of financial support is available?

Students may request full financial support which covers the Registration Fee (includes course materials, textbook, breakfast and dinner each day of the program, etc) and a shared hotel room (shared with another student). Partial scholarships are also available.  Financial support is limited and is usually restricted to matriculating graduate students or postdocs within 5 years of graduation.

How do I request financial support?

There is a section on each Application Form where you may request financial support. A total of four documents must be submitted to be considered:

  1. the Application Form

  2. a cover letter explaining why the USPAS is important to your career and describing prior research experience or work with or as a user of particle accelerators;

  3. your CV;

  4. at least one letter of recommendation.

The supporting documents may be emailed, faxed, or sent via postal mail to the USPAS Office.

If I receive financial support from the USPAS, must I take my course for a grade and university credit?

Yes. To receive financial support from the USPAS you must participate fully by enrolling in your course(s) for university credit.  Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of financial support.

May international participants request financial support?

Yes. The same rules apply as for domestic students (see "How do I request financial support?" above). Additionally, if you are not from a U.S. visa-waiver country then you must already be in possession of a valid visa and provide a copy to us. While they may not enroll at the host university, international participants receiving financial support from the USPAS must take the course as if they were formally enrolled and participate fully. This includes turning in all homework and projects and taking all exams.

I am an employee at a national laboratory, may I request financial support?

Financial support is limited and is usually restricted to matriculating graduate students and postdocs within 5 years of graduation.¬†Institutions that are part of the collaboration supporting the USPAS, which includes most national labs, are generally expected to support their employees seeking training at the USPAS. Issues with support should be brought up with the Director’s Advisory Council member representing their institute.

Does the USPAS provide funds for travel expenses?

No.  We cannot provide funding for air tickets or other travel expenses.¬† Prospective students should search for other funding sources early including possible university programs, research groups, laboratories, etc.