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Electron-Ion Collider
Job Opportunities
(September 2022)

Brookhaven National Laboratory was recently chosen as the building site for the Electron-Ion Collider (EIC), a one-of-a-kind nuclear physics research facility.  The EIC will be a discovery machine for unlocking the secrets of the “glue” that binds the building blocks of visible matter in the universe. The machine design is based on the existing and highly optimized RHIC Ion-Ion collider.  Beyond sparking scientific discoveries in a new frontier of fundamental physics, the Electron-Ion Collider will trigger technological breakthroughs that have broad-ranging impact on human health and national challenges.

Join BNL at the beginning of this ground-breaking scientific and engineering project and become part of the team building this scientific discovery machine (bnl.gov/eic). 
Explore our Career Opportunities for Scientists, Engineers and Technicians
 (Use the position ID for a full description.)

  • Mechanical Engineers (including vacuum systems)
    • Associate Staff Mechanical Engineers (entry) – ID 3409
    • Staff Mechanical Engineers (3+ years’ experience) – ID 3326
    • Mechanical Engineers (7+ years’ experience) – ID 3324; ID 3367; ID 3403
  • Electrical Engineers (including RF, Power Supply, Controls)
    • Associate Staff Electrical Engineers (entry) – ID 3369
    • Staff Electrical Engineers (3+ years’ experience) – ID 3201; ID 3366; ID 3370
    • Electrical Engineers (7+ years’ experience) – ID 3155; ID 3201
  • System Engineers, Accelerator Systems – ID 3392
  • Mechanical Designers – ID 3408
  • Postdoctoral Research Associates – ID 3159; ID 3382
  • Assistant / Associate Physicist – ID 3224
  • Assistant Physicist – ID 3399
  • Distinguished Scientist, RF Design and Development – ID 3368
  • Deputy Director, Technical Systems – ID 3402

For more information, contact: Suzanne Forestiero sforestiero@bnl.gov or 631.344.6043

Brookhaven National Laboratory is a multipurpose research institution funded primarily by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science.

Brookhaven National Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer that values inclusion and diversity at our Lab. All qualified applicants, including individuals with disabilities and protected veterans, are encouraged to apply.