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Computations in Accelerator Physics course

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Computations in Accelerator Physics


Robert Ryne, Los Alamos National Laboratory; John Petillo SAIC and Vinay Srinivas, SLAC

This course will provide students with hands-on experience performing beam dynamics and electromagnetic calculations in accelerator design and analysis. Topics will include basic magnetic optics (including a brief introduction to Lie methods), beam transport and acceleration in linear and circular accelerators, the effects of magnet nonlinearities, the effects of space charge, rf cavity design, and magnet design. The course will cover numerical methods used in the calculations, including the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, particle-in-cell techniques, and the solution of Maxwell's equations in the time domain and frequency domain. Prerequisites include undergraduate or graduate training in classical mechanics and electromagnetism, as well as some experience using scientific workstations or PCs (editing files, submitting jobs, etc.) The computer exercises will be performed on UNIX workstations, but previous experience with UNIX is not required.