U.S. Particle Accelerator School

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USPAS sponsored by
Northern Illinois University
June 12-23, 2017
held in Lisle, Illinois

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Hot Topics

  • Read "Stern-Gerlach Elegant Simulation", an outstanding tutorial submitted by Katherine Woodruff and Sebastian Szustkowski as their final report for the June Electrostatic Storage Rings course.

  • 'Toohig Post-doctoral Fellowships in Accelerator Science at the LHC' applications are now being accepted. Learn more here...

  • Our sincere thanks to Tsinghua University and Keysight, Inc. for loaning equipment used in the "Fundamentals of Timing and Synchronization with Applications to Accelerators" course

  • Our sincere thanks to Agilent Technologies, MKS Instruments, SAES Getters and UC Components for their generosity in providing demo pumps, vacuum instruments and vacuum hardware in support of our "Vacuum Science and Technology for Accelerator Vacuum Systems" course

  • Carry out your thesis research through GEAR at Cornell University. Details available here...

Accelerator Tutorials

Rutgers 12" Cyclotron

Dr. Timothy Koeth (University of Maryland) teaches a course on cyclotron design at the USPAS. In this video he explains the building of a small cyclotron for student instruction. Used with permission: Dr. Timothy Koeth

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