U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Control Theory with Application to Accelerators course

Sponsoring University:

University of California, Berkeley


Control Theory with Application to Accelerators


Haitham Hindi and John Fox, SLAC

Many next generation particle accelerators and storage rings propose the use of feedback systems to control their dynamics. The design and operation of these systems present many opportunities to exploit well-developed techniques from control theory. This class provides an introduction to modern control concepts, particularly state space descriptions of dynamics, and illustrates the formal design of feedback controllers. The class covers both continuous and discrete-time controllers, transformations between state space and frequency domain system descriptions, and introduces the use of system estimators and observers via Kalman filters and LQG (linear quadratic gaussian) optimal state feedback. Applications of these techniques are illustrated via examples of feedback controllers applied to multi-bunch instabilities and RF impedance control in accelerators. The class will include the use of computer simulation models to allow hands-on experience with selected simple applications. Prerequisites: linear algebra and previous exposure to fourier transforms.