U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Modern Electron Sources course

Sponsoring University:

The University of Texas at Austin


Modern Electron Sources


James Rosenzweig, UCLA and Dennis Palmer, SLAC

This course will treat topics associated with high brightness beam production from photoinjector electron sources, which now are the dominant choice for free-electron laser, advanced accelerator and linear collider applications. The course encompasses aspects of the physics of these sources, from beam dynamics in violently accelerating systems, to photoemission processes and experimental techniques. Topics included are: (1) Transrelativistic longitudinal dynamics in high gradient structures; (2) First and second order transverse motion in linear accelerators; (3) Electrostatic and rf field optimization in accelerating structures; (4) Transverse and longitudinal space charge effects; (5) Plasma oscillations and emittance compensation; (6) Magnetic pulse compression; (7) Photocathode emission models: conductors, semiconductors and polarized beam production; (8) Microwave measurement techniques; (9) Experimental measurements on high brightness beams. The course work will include lectures and assigned problems, as well as computer modelling and some laboratory experimental training.  Courses in electromagnetism and classical mechanics are required.