U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Precision High Current Beam Manipulation course

Sponsoring University:

The University of Texas at Austin


Precision High Current Beam Manipulation


George Caporaso and Judy Chen, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

This course will focus on the physics and technology in the design of an intense multiple view flash x-ray source using induction linacs. The design calls for multiple beam paths that converge on a target, thus providing simultaneous views of the dynamic object. Subjects related to the beam include the introduction of a "kicker" whose function is to subdivide long beam pulses to be delivered to different beam lines, transmission line theory for analysis of structures including effects of the beam dipole return on subsequent beam motion, and the design of a superconducting transmission line for the elimination of unwanted reflections between the pulser system and kicker. Topics related to the target include the strict requirement of millimeter-sized beams at the Bremsstrahlung x-ray target, the study of beam-plasma interaction, in particular, its adverse effect on small beams, and various mitigation schemes.A knowledge of electromagnetism is a prerequisite.