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Microwave Linear Accelerators course

Sponsoring University:

Vanderbilt University


Microwave Linear Accelerators


David Whittum, Xintian Eddie Lin and Dennis Palmer, SLAC

This course will provide an elementary introduction to the fundamentals of microwave linear accelerators with emphasis on microwave electronics and beam dynamics in an rf photocathode injector. Starting from the Lorentz Force Law and Maxwell's Equations we will develop the notions of VSWR, impedance, S-parameters, wall Q, external Q, shunt impedance, equivalent circuits and the fundamentals of multi-cell structures. This introduction to theoretical microwave linac concepts will be accompanied by a hands-on introduction to bench measurements with the vector network analyzer. Fundamentals of beam dynamics will be introduced, including phase-space, emittance, space-charge and magnetic guiding, and will be accompanied by a hands-on introduction to the use of standard codes for injector modelling.  Prerequisites: familiarity with vector calculus, and some prior exposure to Maxwell's Equations and the Lorentz Force Law.