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Advanced Topics in Accelerator Physics course

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SUNY Stony Brook


Advanced Topics in Accelerator Physics


Alex Chao, Stanford University and Jeff Holmes, Oak Ridge National Lab

Designed for students who already have some basic accelerator physics knowledge, these lectures will cover a selection of topics in current accelerator physics research. The purpose of these lectures is not to elaborate, but to prepare the students with sufficient understanding of these effects. The emphasis will be on the basic principles of these effects, and all derivations start with first principles. A tentative list of topics includes: Panofsky-Wenzel & planar wake theorems, symplectic integration techniques, truncated power series method, beam-photoelectron instability, fast beam-ion instability, echo effect, laser acceleration in free space, spin dynamics in the presence of Siberian snakes, and beam transfer function techniques. Prerequisite: Accelerator Physics.