U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Accelerator Fundamentals course

Sponsoring University:

SUNY Stony Brook


Accelerator Fundamentals (undergraduate level)


Helmut Wiedemann, Stanford University and Cecile Limborg, SLAC

This course is designed as an introduction to accelerator physics and beam dynamics. After a brief overview of some accelerating schemes we will concentrate on the principles of storage ring operation. This includes a discussion of the main components such as injectors (linear accelerator and synchrotron), followed by single particle dynamics in bending magnets and quadrupoles. Introduction of beam dynamics of many particles will cover principles of beam emittance, beam envelope and lattice design. After a discussion of the injection process we continue these discussions to define chromaticity and its correction, dynamic aperture, beam instabilities and beam lifetime. Emission of synchrotron radiation from electron beams will be introduced, as well as the impact of such emission on beam parameters like emittance and energy spread. Discussions of design optimization will include goals for maximum luminosity in colliding beam facilities, beam-beam effect and photon beam brightness of synchrotron radiation facilities. We plan to spend most of the afternoon sessions working on PC's while designing beam transport systems and storage ring lattices. During these computer sessions the students will gain some "practical" experience dealing with the complexities of storage ring physics and making sensible design decisions. Prerequisites: College physics and first-year mathematics.