U.S. Particle Accelerator School

High Power Microwave Amplifiers course

Sponsoring University:

SUNY Stony Brook


High Power Microwave Amplifiers


Victor Granatstein, Unviersity of Maryland

This course will begin by presenting the basic principles of microwave relativistic electronics. The principles will then be applied to understanding the operation of amplifiers being evaluated for driving future linear colliders, especially high-power klystrons and gyro-klystrons. The process of wave amplification in traveling-wave-tubes (TWTs) will also be presented because of the importance of the inverse process in linear accelerators (linacs). Topics to be covered include the following: review of the fundamentals of microwaves and transmission lines; re-entrant cavities; electromagnetic resonator fundamentals; electron beam fundamentals; space charge waves and cyclotron waves; klystron amplifiers; periodic waveguides and Floquet's theorem; periodic circuits for TWTs; TWT amplifiers; relativistic electronics and gyrotrons; magnetron injection guns; gyrotron amplifiers; comparison of coherence in klystrons and gyro-klystrons; criteria for comparing different types of amplifiers for application as linac drivers; the state-of-the-art in high-power microwave amplifier research and development. Prerequisites: Electromagnetism.