U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Spin Dynamics in Synchrotron and Storage Rings course

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SUNY Stony Brook


Spin Dynamics in Synchrotron and Storage Rings - course cancelled


Thomas Roser, Brookhaven National Lab

Basic introduction and derivation of the Thomas-BMT equation. Overview of past and existing polarized proton acceleration. Introduction to spin physics, stable spin direction, spinor algebra, definition of stable spin direction and spin tune in rings. Introduction to spinor algebra formalism, definition of n-vector field, depolarizing spin resonances. Introduction to Froissart-Stora formula, discussion of resonance crossing and correction and jump schemes used in AGS, discussion of higher order resonances, adiabatic resonance crossing - spin flippers and AC dipoles, discussion of applications for adiabatic spin resonance crossing, discussion of coherent betatron excitation, spin rotators and Siberian snakes. Introduction to construction of spin rotators and Siberian snakes. Special examples: solenoidal and helical partial snakes, and helical snakes used in AGS and RHIC. Definition and introduction of snake resonances. Introduction to spin tracking techniques. Proton beam polarimeters. Discussion of proton polarimeter schemes for low and high energy beams; relative and absolute polarimeters. Prerequisites: Accelerator Physics.