U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism in Accelerators and Beams course

Sponsoring University:

Yale University


Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism in Accelerators and Beams


Richard Talman, Cornell University and Vahid Ranjbar, Indiana University

Topics will alternate each day between Electromagnetism and Classical Mechanics. Topics on electrodynamics include Maxwell's equations. units; static 2D fields and end effects; plane waves, impedance; transmission lines, impedance matching; wave guides and resonators; electron linac; retarded time formalism, radiation; synchrotron and undulator radiation; beam instruments: pick ups, current transformers; resistive wall wake fields. Topics on Mechanics include relativistic mechanics; linear oscillators, Laplace transform; Hamiltonian formalism, adiabatic invariance; synchrotron oscillations; transfer matrices, symplectic requirements; nonlinear oscillators, method of Bogoliubov and Metropolsky; method of difference equations (maps); Z-transform; resonance and chaos; beam-beam interaction; beam diagnostics and FFT. Prerequisites: intermediate-level courses in Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetic Theory.