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Magnetic Systems - Insertion Devices course

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Yale University


Magnetic Systems - Insertion Devices


Ross Schlueter, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

This course introduces the fundamentals of the design of electromagnet, pure permanent magnet, superconducting, and hybrid iron/permanent magnet systems with special attention and application to insertion devices for synchrotron storage rings. Emphasis is on practical engineering and magnetics issues, after the stage has first been set with the magnetics fundaments, beginning with a review of Maxwell's Equations. Topics included are: (1) theory of electromagnet, pure permanent magnet, and hybrid magnet design, (2) wiggler and undulator requirements and performance, (3) field strength and quality issues, (4) polarization, (5) magnetic forces, (5) coil construction and cooling; permanent magnet sorting and quality, (6) field errors in insertion devices, (7) pitfalls in design and construction, (8) novel insertion devices. Prerequisites: graduate-level Electricity and Magnetism.