U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Induction Accelerators course

Sponsoring University:

Indiana University


Induction Accelerators


George Caporaso and Yu-Jiuan Chen, LLNL

Considerable time, effort and funding is dedicated to the continued development of high-current accelerators, which require very specialized techniques and exhibit their own challenges. A pair of courses are offered to give first an introduction to the physics and technologies of induction accelerators and followed, next week, by a course on the main source of energy for this type of accelerator.

Introduction: applications of high-current beams. Principles of operation of induction accelerators. Transport systems: beam envelope equations and dynamics. Discussion of various focusing systems: continuous and alternating solenoids, quadrupoles, foils, and ion channels. Introduction to transport instabilities: image displacement, cumulative beam breakup, transverse resistive wall, transverse ion-hose; effects of phase mix damping. Chromatic aberration and its control: "corkscrew" growth, alignment algorithms for focusing elements. Optimal focusing strategy for minimum focal spot size. Prerequisites: Electromagnetic Theory