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Pulsed Power Circuits course

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Indiana University


Pulsed Power Circuits


Edward Cook, LLNL

The performance of induction accelerators is closely related to the state-of-the-art of pulsed power sources. A course on pulsed power sources therefore is a logical continuation of the course P671C on induction accelerators. Considering the many applications of pulsed power in accelerator technology, it should be noted that such a course has far-reaching information beyond induction accelerators.
This course is an introduction to pulsed power circuits that can be used with linear induction and RF accelerators with an emphasis on modern developments in high-power modulators. Topics include pulsed power components/hardware, switching technologies, and various pulse forming topologies/circuits including magnetic compression, solid-state, inductive voltage adders, and pulse forming networks (PFNs). One goal is to develop an understanding of various pulsed power circuits such that one may be able to select the technology that best satisfies the requirements of a specific application. Prerequisites: An undergraduate degree or equivalent, some familiarity with electrical circuit analysis.