U.S. Particle Accelerator School

RF-SC Applications course

Sponsoring University:

Indiana University


RF-SC Applications


Ken Shepard, ANL and Jean Delayen, TJNAF

This course is a logical continuation of the course "RF-SC Technology" from the previous week and addresses the application of superconducting technology for both relativistic and non-relativistic beams.

This course will provide a survey of the applications of rf superconductivity to accelerators; both ion and electron accelerators will be covered. More specifically we will discuss heavy-ion accelerators for nuclear structure studies and for generation of isotopes, high-current proton accelerators for neutron flux generation, and various electron accelerators (storage rings, linear, recirculating, colliders, and energy-recovering). We will discuss some of the design issues that are directly related to the superconducting nature of the accelerator: cavity design, gradient and temperature optimization, rf control, microphonics, and some aspects of beam dynamics and beam instabilities.