U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Accelerator Physics course

Sponsoring University:

University of Wisconsin - Madison


Accelerator Physics


Alex Chao and Gennady Stupakov, SLAC

This course is an introduction to the basic physics of high-energy particle accelerators. Topics include accelerator magnets; single particle transverse and longitudinal motion; emittance; effects of linear magnet errors; chromatic effects and their correction; effects of nonlinearities; RF systems; synchrotron radiation; collective instabilities; and beam-beam interaction. Emphasis will be given on establishing a firm basic knowledge of the physics of modern high-energy accelerators. Computer labs will be included in the curriculum with the aim to consolidate what is taught in classes. Future prospectives of high-energy accelerators and colliders will also be discussed. Prerequisites: Electromagnetism and Classical Mechanics. Textbook to be provided: "Handbook of Accelerator Physics" by Alexander Chao and Maury Tigner, World Scientific publishers and "Accelerator Physics" by S.Y. Lee, World Scientific publishers.