U.S. Particle Accelerator School

The SNS - I, Front End and Linac course

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University of Wisconsin - Madison


The SNS - I, Front End and Linac


Thomas Wangler and James Billen , LANL and Roderich Keller, LBNL

This course presents the basic principles of high-power proton linear accelerator systems with specific application to the SNS linac. Topics will include the DC injector, RF acceleration, normal-mode characteristics of coupled cavities, dispersion curves, and cavity figures of merit such as transit-time factor and shunt impedance. The principles of operation of the linear accelerating structures in the SNS linac will be presented, including the RFQ, the drift-tube linac, the coupled-cavity linac, and superconducting cavities. We will treat focusing and defocusing effect, and the longitudinal and transverse beam dynamics. We will discuss high-intensity linac effects including space-charge forces and emittance growth. Assigned problems will correspond to the parameters of the SNS linac. Prerequisites: undergraduate courses in Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetic Theory or the equivalent. Textbook to be provided: "Principles of RF Linear Accelerators" by Thomas P. Wangler, John Wiley & Sons publishers.