U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Storage Ring Modeling and Control course

Sponsoring University:

University of Wisconsin - Madison


Storage Ring Modeling and Control


Jeff Corbett, SLAC / SSRL


The purpose of this course is to develop scaling laws for synchrotron light source parameters and to build a foundation for storage ring modeling and control. Live examples in an accelerator simulation environment will be used during lectures and in the laboratory to demonstrate on-line techniques. The theoretical portion begins with an overview of single particle motion, a development of betafunctions, emittance, and the electron beam envelope equations. The dispersion function, properties of radiation emission and radiation damping are then used in conjunction with the synchrotron integrals to derive the basic storage ring parameters. An emphasis is placed on parameter estimation and scaling laws. We then turn our attention to machine control including injection, beam-based alignment, closed-orbit control and optics modeling. Singular-value decomposition of the closed-orbit response matrix is covered with applications to orbit control theory and simulation. Model calibration techniques are developed for transport line measurements and the closed-orbit response matrix. Time permitting, wiggler modeling and the effects on beam properties are covered. Prerequisites: Some familiarity with storage ring theory or control room experience. Week one course "MATLAB and Accelerator Physics" is recommended but not required.