Chapter 7 Tue: Synchrotron Radiation

7.1 Physics of Incoherent Synchrotron Radiation


  • Radiated power
  • Critical photon energy, power spectrum and photon flux
  • Angular distribution
  • Damping of oscillations
  • Quantum fluctuations and equilibrium emittance

7.2 Storage Ring Light Sources


  • Applications of synchrotron radiation
  • Light source generations and modern facilities
  • Lattice modifications for enhanced brightness
  • Diffraction-limited storage rings

7.3 X-Ray Free Electron Lasers


  • Ultrafast photon science
  • Wigglers, undulators and coherent radiation
  • Overview of an X-ray free electron laser
  • Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission (SASE)
  • Free electron laser seeding schemes