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USPAS Curriculum Sub-Committee

The USPAS Curriculum Committee is a sub-committee of the USPAS Director's Advisory Council whose mission is to provide input to the director on course curricula for USPAS sessions. Active input from the Committee is necessary to form curricula meeting broad community educational needs and to ensure high-level instruction. Input includes the selection and timing of courses to reflect current and future community needs in workforce, recommendations of instructors, verification of schedule consistency with needs for DOE traineeships and IU/USPAS masters students, and the appropriateness of course syllabi/descriptions and prerequisites.

The Curriculum Committee will attempt to convene twice a year to review past sessions and to provide input on future curricula. The meeting schedule is set based on availability polls and timing needs and the meetings will be held virtually to allow remote participation. Curriculum Committee members are expected to participate in meetings or submit their input to the Chair should their schedule preclude direct participation.

Committee members are selected by the USPAS director and are term limited to five years. Members are chosen to represent the breadth of topics needed including both science and technology, as well as represent the ten USPAS collaboration institutions and the DOE Traineeships. Terms are limited to ensure a diversity of opinion and allow needed balance over time. Terms may be extended at the director’s discretion. All USPAS collaboration institutes and the DOE Traineeships cannot be represented at all times, but we seek to represent the full community as members rotate over time. The chair of the Curriculum Committee is appointed by the USPAS director and will attend the meetings of the Director's Advisory Council to briefly report on the status of USPAS curricula and facilitate communication.  

Present members of the Curriculum Committee and term expiration dates are:

Kathleen Amm (2026), National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University
Bruce Carlsten (2025), Los Alamos National Laboratory
Zhirong Huang, Chair (2027), Stanford University & SLAC National Accelerator Lab
Matthias Liepe (2024), Cornell University
Soren Prestemon (2028), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Kiersten Ruisard (2029), Oak Ridge National Lab
Todd Satogata (2029), Jefferson Lab
Vladimir Shiltsev (2026), Northern Illinois University
Gennady Stupakov (2029), xLight Inc.