U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology


Accelerator Science & Engineering resources for students and researchers.

Tutorials & Online Resources

A searchable table that contains links to accelerator science and engineering tutorial materials and other online resources. These materials provide background, help, and augmentations for USPAS courses and accelerator science and engineering more broadly.

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Accelerator Terms

A PDF glossary of accelerator physics terms. This list was started by Evgenya Simakov from submissions by attendees at the 2012 International Accelerator Conference. Please feel free to suggest additional accelerator terms.

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Code Downloads

Downloadable codes commonly used by USPAS instructors.

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Books Linked with USPAS Courses

Searchable table of books used in, inspired by or otherwise connected to USPAS courses. Books based on USPAS courses are highlighted near the top.

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Joint International School Lectures

Lecture notes, slides and presentations from the Joint International Accelerator Schools.

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Links to the Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACoW) which publishes accelerator conference proceedings, information on USPAS symposium proceedings (1983-1990) from the early days of the USPAS, and information on the Joint International Accelerator School sessions.

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