U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Physics of Collective Beam Instabilities course

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SUNY Stony Brook


Physics of Collective Beam Instabilities


K.Y. (Bill) Ng, Fermilab

This course will include a brief introduction of wake functions and coupling impedances in accelerator rings; theory of collective instabilities of coasting beams and bunched beams, their observations, and methods of cure; derivation of basic equations of motion and Vlasov equation; longitudinal phase space: potential-well distortion, microwave instability, mode-mixing instability, coupled-bunch instability; transverse phase space: strong head-tail instability, head-tail instability, coupled-bunch instability, beam breakup. Special emphasis will be made separately on proton and electron machines. Other topics: Landau damping, Sacherer integral equations, Landau cavity, saw-tooth instability, Robinson stability criteria, beamloading, impedance compensation, transition crossing, collective instability issues near transition. Prerequisites: Accelerator Physics, Classical Electrodynamics.