U.S. Particle Accelerator School

Medical Applications of Accelerators and Beams course

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SUNY Stony Brook


Medical Applications of Accelerators and Beams


Jacob Flanz, Massachusetts General Hospital

This course discusses the applications of beams in medicine and explores the accelerator designs used to produce them. The relevance of beams to medicine has been recognized from the earliest time that particles were discovered. We will discuss how to prepare these beams appropriately for a variety of clinical uses, including the flow-down from the application specifications to the parameters of the accelerator and beam delivery equipment. Machine design parameters and tolerances will be derived for linacs, rings, cyclotrons and beamlines. Applications include diagnostic medicine, medical radiation oncology, and material process for medical uses. Some introductory familiarity with accelerator systems will be assumed. Prerequisites: Accelerator Fundamentals or Accelerator Physics.