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Accelerator Physics course

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Accelerator Physics


Gerald Dugan and Antonella Romano, Cornell University

This course will cover the fundamental physical principles of particle accelerators, with a focus on circular high-energy colliders. It will include beam optical design, the single-particle dynamics of transverse motion, lattice design, single particle acceleration and longitudinal dynamics, synchrotron radiation, nonlinear effects, linear coupling, emittance growth and beam cooling, wakefields, impedances, and collective effects in multiparticle beams. Prerequisites: Electromagnetism and Classical Mechanics. Suggested references: An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators, (1993) by D. A Edwards and M. J. Syphers; Particle Accelerator Physics I (2nd edition, 1998), by Helmut Wiedemann; and Physics of Collective Beam Instabilities in High Energy Accelerators (1993), by Alexander W. Chao