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Accelerator Power Engineering course

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Accelerator Power Engineering


Richard Cassel and Paul Bellomo, SLAC

This course is an introduction to power conversion equipment for high-energy particle accelerators. We will be covering all types of power conversion equipment used in accelerators including, low-power bipolar trim supplies, medium-power switching and thyristor converters, high-power pulsed and DC magnet supplies, high-voltage DC supplies, modulators, and fast-pulsed kickers. The advantages and limitations of different designs including performance and cost consideration will be covered. Control systems, current/voltage regulation, interlocks, personnel safety interlocks, and overall performance of power conversion equipment will be addressed. In addition, power line considerations, power factor, harmonics, and system impedance limitations for accelerator applications will be discussed. The course will tend towards qualitative descriptions rather than detailed theoretical concepts. The course will be presented in an informal seminar style, requiring homework to enhance the understanding of concepts, and class participation in discussions. Prerequisites: A fundamental understanding of electrical engineering.