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Accelerator Fundamentals course

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Accelerator Fundamentals (undergraduate level)


Wu-Tsung W. Weng and Yannis Papaphilippou, Brookhaven National Laboratory

This course will review physics principles governing the design and performance analysis of particle accelerators. We will first survey the method of acceleration, historical developments of accelerators and the applications in research and industry. Using existing accelerators as examples, the interplay among design goals, component performance, and operational experiences will be emphasized. Subjects to be covered include principles of particle beam focusing and transport, the design of magnetic systems, design of machine lattice, acceleration and rf systems, rf beam control, synchrotron radiation, and linear accelerators. The principles of vacuum system, diagnostics, and beam observations will also be covered. Prerequisites: College Physics, first-year Calculus and the completion of a B.S. degree in science or engineering. Suggested Reference: "An Introduction to the Physics of High Energy Accelerators", D.A. Edwards and M.J. Syphers, John Wiley and Sons, 1993.