U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

Yale University (2002)

USPAS Sponsored by Yale University
held in New Haven, Connecticut
June 10-21, 2002

June 10-21, 2002 two-week full courses

Accelerator Fundamentals (undergraduate)
Carol Johnstone, Fermilab and Weishi Wan, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Accelerator Physics
Waldo MacKay, Brookhaven National Lab

Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism in Accelerators and Beams
Richard Talman, Cornell University and Vahid Ranjbar, Indiana University

Computational Methods in Electromagnetism
Kwok Ko, SLAC

June 10--14, 2002 one-week half courses

Magnetic Systems: Insertion Devices
Ross Schlueter, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Accelerator Vacuum System Design
Louis Bertolini, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Particle Beam Optics Using Lie Algebra Methods
John Irwin, SLAC

June 17--21, 2002 one-week half courses

Applications of Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science - course cancelled
Denis McWhan, Ret.

Medical Applications of Accelerators and Beams - course cancelled
Jacob Flanz, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard University

Applications of MATLAB in Accelerator Physics and Engineering
Andrei Terebilo, SLAC