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U.S. Particle Accelerator School
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Accelerator Physics course

Sponsoring University:

University of California, Santa Barbara


Accelerator Physics


S.Y. Lee, Indiana University and Bill Ng, Fermilab

This course is an introduction to the physics, technology, design, and operation of high-energy particle accelerators. Topics include accelerator magnets, the history of and introduction to various types of particle accelerators, single particle transverse and longitudinal motion, emittance, effects of linear magnet errors, chromatic effects and their correction, effects of nonlinearities, basic beam manipulations, RF systems, diagnostic systems, and introduction to accelerator lattice design. Other topics such as synchrotron radiation excitation and damping, beam-beam interaction, collective effects and instabilities, and linear accelerators will also be discussed. Computer labs will be included in our curriculum. Future prospects of high-energy accelerators and colliders will also be discussed. Prerequisites: Electromagnetism and Classical Mechanics. Textbook to be provided: "Accelerator Physics" by S.Y. Lee, World Scientific publishers.