U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

University of Wisconsin, Madison (2004)

USPAS sponsored by the University of Wisconsin, Madison
held in Madison, Wisconsin
June 21-July 2, 2004

Session Photos

June 21-July 2, 2004 two-week full courses

Fundamental of Accelerator Theory, Simulations and Measurements (undergraduate level)
Linda Spentzouris, IIT and Katherine Harkay, Argonne National Lab

Accelerator Physics
Alexander Chao and Gennady Stupakov, SLAC

Beam Control and Manipulation
Michiko Minty, DESY and Frank Zimmermann, CERN

Beam Instrumentation Laboratory at the Synchrotron Radiation Center (SRC)
Ken Jacobs, Robert Legg, Mike Fisher and the SRC Staff, SRC / University of Wisconsin, Madison

Accelerator Power System Engineering
Paul Bellomo and James Sebek, SLAC

June 21-June 25, 2004 one-week half courses

The SNS - I, Front End and Linac
Thomas Wangler and James Billen, Los Alamos National Lab and Roderich Keller, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Principles of Cryogenic Engineering
Steven Van Sciver, NHMFL / Florida State University and John Pfotenhauer, ASC / University of Wisconsin, Madison

MATLAB and Accelerator Physics - course cancelled
Andrei Terebilo, SLAC

Radiation Physics, Regulation and Management
J. Donald Cossairt, Fermilab and Sayed Rokni, SLAC

June 28-July 2, 2004 one-week half courses

The SNS - II, Ring and Transport Systems
Jie Wei, Brookhaven National Lab and Yannis Papaphilippou, ESRF

CW & High Brightness Electron Sources
James Rosenzweig, UCLA and Massimo Ferrario, INFN

Storage Ring Modeling and Control - course cancelled
Jeff Corbett, SLAC

System Safety and Safety Systems for Accelerators
Kelly Mahoney and Sandra Prior, Jefferson Lab