U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

Michigan State University (2007)

USPAS sponsored by Michigan State University
held in Lansing, Michigan
June 4-15, 2007

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June 4-15, 2007 two-week full courses

Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology with Simulations and Measurements Lab (undergraduate level)
Fernando Sannibale, Soren Prestemon and David Robin, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Accelerator Physics
Joseph Bisognano, SRC and the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism in Accelerators
Gennady Stupakov and Zhirong Huang, SLAC

June 4-8, 2007 one-week half courses

Beam Experiments and Measurements at the NSCL
Marc Doleans, Guillaume Machicoane, Walter Hartung and the NSCL staff; Eduard Pozdeyev, Brookhaven National Lab

The Plasma Physics of Beams
Pat Colestock, Los Alamos National Lab

Superconducting Accelerator Magnets
Paolo Ferracin and Soren Prestemon, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Ezio Todesco, CERN

Radiation Physics, Regulation and Management
J. Donald Cossairt, Fermilab and Reginald Ronningen, NSCL/Michigan State University

Ion Sources and Low-Energy Ion Beams
Martin Stockli and Baoxi Han, Oak Ridge National Lab

June 11-15 , 2007 one-week half courses

Accelerator Power Electronics Engineering
Paul Bellomo and Antonio de Lira, SLAC

Accelerator X-Ray Sources
Richard Talman, Cornell University

System Safety and Safety Systems for Accelerators
Kelly Mahoney, Jefferson Lab

Fundamentals of Low-Beta Linear Accelerators with Simulation Lab
John Staples, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (Ret.) and George Gillespie, G. H. Gillespie Associates, Inc.