U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

Texas A&M University (2007)

USPAS sponsored by Texas A&M University
held in Houston, Texas
January 15-26, 2007

Session Photos

January 15-26, 2007 two-week full courses

Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology with Simulations and Measurements Lab (undergraduate level)
Stuart Henderson and Sarah Cousineau, Oak Ridge National Lab

Accelerator Physics
Alex Chao, SLAC and Min-Huey Wang, NSRRC

Microwave Measurements and Beam Instrumentation Lab
Ralph Pasquinelli and Dave McGinnis, Fermilab

Managing Science in Research Laboratories
William Barletta, Fermilab/USPAS/MIT and Kem Robinson, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Accelerator Physics, Technology and Discovery: Case Studies at the Edge of the Possible - course cancelled
Peter McIntyre and Akhidyor Sattarov, Texas A&M University

January 15-19, 2007 one-week half courses

Collective Effects and Wakefields
Roger Jones, University of Manchester and the Cockcroft Institute

Damping Ring Design and Physics Issues
Andy Wolski, University of Liverpool and the Cockcroft Institute and James Jones, CCLRC-ASTeC and the Cockcroft Institute

Large Scale Metrology of Accelerators - course cancelled
Robert Ruland and Catherine LeCocq, SLAC

EPICS Control Systems
Andrew Johnson and W. Eric Norum, Argonne National Lab

January 22-26, 2007 One-week classes

Beam Delivery System and Interaction Region of a Linear Collider
Mauro Pivi and Andrei Seryi, SLAC and Nikolai Mokhov, Fermilab

Accelerator Vacuum Engineering
Louis Bertolini, Lawrence Livermore National Lab

Modern Computational Accelerator Physics
Panagiotis Spentzouris and James Amundson, Fermilab