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Measurement and Control of Charged Particle Beams

Sponsoring University:

Northern Illinois University


Measurement and Control of Charged Particle Beams


Michiko Minty, Brookhaven National Lab and Frank Zimmerman, CERN

Purpose and Audience
The course provides a comprehensive and systematic review of the methods used for measurement, correction, and control of the beam dynamics in modern particle accelerators. By way of illustration, theoretical principles are applied in the evaluation of experimental data obtained at various accelerator laboratories including CERN, BNL, DESY, SLAC, IUCF, KEK, LBNL, and FNAL. The intended audience includes graduate students and engineers or operators working in accelerator-related fields.

Upper division college-level courses in classical mechanics, electrodynamics, and the USPAS graduate-level course "Accelerator Physics" or equivalent.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet the course prerequisites or have equivalent experience.

This course aims to bridge the link between experimental observations and theoretical principles in accelerator physics. Upon completion of this course, the students are expected to be able to apply the principles and methods presented to their research.

Instructional Method
This course consists of daily lectures in the morning and computer lab sessions with emphasis on the morning’s subject matter in the afternoon. Homework problems will be assigned daily. An open-book final exam will be given at the end of the course.

Course Content
Beam diagnostics, transverse optics measurement and correction, orbit measurement and correction, betatron coupling, longitudinal optics measurement and correction, longitudinal beam manipulations, plus special topics: injection and extraction, beam polarization, beam cooling concepts and techniques, and collective effects including the beam-beam interaction and fast beam instabilities.

Reading Requirements
(to be provided by the USPAS) "Measurement and Control of Charged Particle Beams", by M. G. Minty and F. Zimmermann, Springer-Verlag (2003). Additional supplementary material to be provided by the instructors.

Credit Requirements
Students will be evaluated based on performance: homework assignments (35% of final grade) computer/lab sessions (30% of final grade), final exam (35% of final grade).

Northern Illinois University course number:
PHYS 790D - Special Topics in Physics - Beam Physics
Indiana University course number: Physics 571, Special Topics in Physics of Beams
Michigan State University course number: PHY 963, U.S. Particle Accelerator School
MIT course number: 8.790, Accelerator Physics