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Diffraction Limited Storage Rings

Sponsoring University:

Northern Illinois University

Course Name:

Diffraction Limited Storage Rings


Yunhai Cai, SLAC National Accelerator Lab

Purpose and Audience
The purpose of this course is to provide a comprehensive introduction to diffraction limited storage rings. This course is suitable for graduate students and researchers who want to get a better understanding of design principles, techniques, and challenges in the next generation of synchrotron light sources based on circular accelerators.

The USPAS graduate-level course "Accelerator Physics" or equivalent.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet the course prerequisites or have equivalent experience.

This course is designed to give a student a broad overview of diffraction-limited storage rings. Special emphasis is on challenges and solutions in design of such ring. The basic topics include: Lie-algebra method, symplectic maps, map analysis, and high-order achromats. Additional topics, such as synchrotron radiation, radiation damping, equilibrium emittance, intra-beam scattering. Touschek lifetime, and microwave instability generated by coherent synchrotron radiation will also be covered. After taking the course students will be able to design a lattice of diffraction limited storage rings with adequate acceptance and beam lifetime. The material covered will lay a solid foundation to design practical storage rings.

Instructional Method
The course will consist of lectures during the morning and afternoon, focusing on the theoretical understanding of the course content, as well as sessions on solving practical problems. Daily homework will be given that let the student review basic concepts introduced in the class.

Course Content
The course provides a description of the beam dynamics in diffraction limited storage rings. The topics include: scaling of emittance, multi-bend achromat, chromatic compensation, tolerances and corrections, nonlinear resonances and mitigations, extract accurate maps, normal form, and dynamic aperture optimization. Examples will be provided in practical design of an ultimate storage ring.

Reading Requirements
Supplementary notes will be handed out by the instructor.

Credit Requirements
Students will be evaluated based on performance: homework assignments (80% of course grade) and final exam (20% of course grade).

Northern Illinois University course number:
PHYS 790D - Special Topics in Physics - Beam Physics
Indiana University course number: Physics 671 "Advanced Topics in Accelerator Physics"
Michigan State University course number: PHY 963
MIT course number: 8.790 "Accelerator Physics"