U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

Old Dominion University (2018)

USPAS sponsored by Old Dominion University
held in Hampton, VA
January 15-26, 2018

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January 15 - 26, 2018 two-week full courses

Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology with Simulations and Measurements Lab (undergraduate level)
Michael Syphers, Northern Illinois University/Fermilab and Elvin Harms, Fermilab

Advanced Accelerator Physics
Alex Chao and Xiaobiao Huang, SLAC

Microwave Measurements and Beam Instrumentation at Jefferson Lab
Frank Marhauser, John Musson, Tomasz Plawski, Tom Powers and Haipeng Wang, Jefferson Lab

Microwave Electron Accelerators
David Whittum, ViewRay, Inc; Rich Kowalczyk, L3 Technologies, Inc

Microwave Sources - course cancelled
Bruce Carlsten, Steven Russell and Kim Nichols, Los Alamos National Lab

Control Theory with Applications to Accelerators and RF Systems
Claudio Rivetta, SLAC

Simulation of Beam and Plasma Systems
Steven Lund, Michigan State University and USPAS; David Bruhwiler, RadiaSoft LLC; Remi Lehe and Jean-Luc Vay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; Daniel Winklehner, MIT

January 15 - 19, 2018 one-week half courses

Practical Lattice Design
S. Alex Bogacz, Jefferson Lab and Dario Pellegrini, CERN

Strategic Management of Research Labs
William Barletta, MIT and Luisella Lari, Fermilab

January 22 - 26, 2018 one-week half courses

High Gradient RF Structures
Sami Tantawi, Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory; Evgenya Simakov, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Project Management for Scientists and Engineers
Kem Robinson and Dianna Jacobs, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory