U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

Program Information:
June 5 - 16, 2023 USPAS Session in Melville, Long Island, New York

Classes, meals, sleeping rooms, and the Study Room will all be held at the Hilton Long Island/Huntington Hotel (598 Broad Hollow Road, Melville NY 11747).

Classes ending on Friday June 9 or Friday June 16 will finish at 12:00 (noon). When booking return air tickets students should allow time for their class to end at noon plus transportation time to the airport before selecting their flight time home.

Registration Fee

For students who are not receiving a scholarship, the Registration Fee is $1,500.00 if your Application Form is received before March 14, 2023; after March 14 the fee increases to $1,600.00. The Registration Fee is prorated to $1,000.00 for students attending a one-week class. Please note: you do not have to pay the Registration Fee by March 14, you must send in the Application Form before March 14.


To be considered for any of the 3 scholarships available, you must submit four documents: an application form; a cover letter explaining why the USPAS is important to your career and describing prior research experience, work with or as a user of particle accelerators; your CV; at least one letter of recommendation. Students receiving any scholarship are expected to fully participate in all aspects of the course and must take their course for credit. Students receiving housing support must share their hotel room with another student. Scholarships are open to both domestic and international students. Consideration will be given to balancing class sizes. Multiple awards are possible.

Note: International students requesting a scholarship who are not from U.S. visa-waiver countries must already be in possession of a visa that is valid for the entire period of the USPAS session.

APS Division of Physics of Beams Travel Scholarship

The Division of Physics of Beams (DPB) of the American Physical Society is offering a limited number of travel scholarships to USPAS students. Applicants must be members of the DPB (note that student membership is free for the first year). The DPB scholarship will cover travel expenses and a USPAS scholarship will cover housing and your registration fee. Typical travel awards amounts will be $600.00 with the possibility of larger awards for higher cost points of origin. These scholarships are open to domestic and international students who meet the usual USPAS scholarship requirements (required documents listed above). You can enroll for DPB membership here  https://www.aps.org/membership/ and more details on eligibility and the selection criteria can be found at DPB Scholarship Details.

Auditing Your Course

If you are auditing your course(s), you will not enroll at Michigan State University and will not earn a grade. You are not required to complete homework assignments nor take any exams. Domestic and international attendees who audit their course will be asked to complete a USPAS Audit Form.

Taking your Course for Credit/a Grade

If you are taking your course(s) for host university credit, you will enroll at Michigan State University through the USPAS and will fully participate in class. Indiana University and MIT students may directly earn home university credit for their USPAS course. Students enrolled for credit are expected to complete homework, take all exams and participate fully in class. If you successfully pass a two-week class you will earn 3 units of academic credit through Michigan State University. Students enrolled in one 1-week course are not eligible for university credit but may ask for their work to be graded and performance rated. Students enrolled for MSU credit will be asked to complete a MSU/USPAS Enrollment Form.

Academic Status at Michigan State University

Students must make final confirmation of their choice to take their course for credit or audit on or before Tuesday, June 6, 2023. Official transcripts will be maintained by MSU. Students receiving financial support from the USPAS or the DPB must enroll for university credit. Foreign nationals receiving financial support from the USPAS may not enroll for credit, but they must participate fully in all aspects of their session and have their performance rated.

International Participants

This USPAS program is open to participation by both domestic and international attendees. The program is an intense learning experience sponsored by Michigan State University from June 5 - 16, 2023 only. Because this program is not a course of full-time study, an F visa (student visa) is not appropriate. We believe a B visa (visitor/business visa) or Visa Waiver is appropriate. International participants not currently residing in the U.S. may attend the program and may request financial sponsorship, but they may not earn credit from MSU. International participants receiving financial support from the USPAS must participate fully in all aspects of their session and will receive a letter confirming their attendance and rating their performance. Failure to turn in assignments or take exams could jeopardize financial support awarded by the USPAS.

Note: International students requesting a scholarship who are not from U.S. visa-waiver countries must already be in possession of a visa that is valid for the entire period of the USPAS session.

You will be asked to complete an International Participant Registration Form.

USPAS Registration and Course Check-In

Registration will be held on Sunday June 4, 2023 from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Hilton Long Island/Huntington Hotel (598 Broad Hollow Road, Melville NY 11747) with dinner available from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The USPAS Director will give a welcome talk at 7:00 p.m.

If you do not register with the USPAS on Sunday night, you must register on Monday morning, June 5. If you arrive after registration hours Sunday night, please check the hotel information boards to locate the breakfast room. If you are scheduled to arrive for classes the second week only (June 12-16), information will be provided so that you know when and where meals will be served, what your classroom assignment is, and to remind you to check-in with the USPAS staff Monday morning of the second week. The USPAS Office will be open weekdays beginning Monday, June 5, during normal business hours.


By reserving your hotel room via a link we provide to you, you may take advantage of a special reduced hotel room rate and any extras (free parking, free internet in your sleeping room, etc) that we have negotiated for our participants at the Hilton Long Island/Huntington Hotel. Hotel rooms are available for $147.00 plus tax per night and a double room (shared by 2 people) will be $73.50 plus tax per person per night. Rooms may be reserved at our rate 3 days before and after the program dates, based on hotel availability. 

Please confirm your departure date when you check-in to the hotel as they may charge an Early Departure Fee (equal to one night of housing) if you change your departure date after check-in.

As is true with any hotel, this hotel may impose access and service charges in addition to time charges for phone calls (even for credit card or 800-number calls) so it is wise to confirm applicable charges from your sleeping room before using the telephone in your room.

The hotel has an indoor and outdoor pool and tennis courts. They also have an EV charging station and a 24-hour fitness center. There is a Starbucks in the lobby.

The Hilton Long Island/Huntington Hotel is somewhat isolated and there are not a lot of lunch options within walking distance. Attendees will find it beneficial to have access to a car.

All USPAS participants should make their hotel room reservation through a link we will send in your acceptance email. All reservations require a one-night deposit to hold your room. No charge will be made to your credit card unless you fail to cancel your reservation as directed on the form, i.e., 72 hrs. in advance of your scheduled arrival. If your deposit is made by check, it will be credited to your stay or it will be refunded if cancellation is made before the deadline (or returned to you if you are a scholarship student). We never recommend using a debit card for your one-night deposit or to pay for your hotel room. The hotel will "hold" an amount of money on your debit card and it could take your bank several days (or longer) to release that hold. You would not have access to those funds during the "hold" period.

Even if your accommodations are being paid for by the USPAS, you must guarantee your arrival by credit card or by a check in US dollars (the one-night deposit). Please remember that this is only a guarantee (a deposit). After your arrival, the room charges for housing scholarship students will be paid directly by the USPAS and your deposit (if made by check) will be returned to you. If your guarantee is made by credit card and you arrive as scheduled, no room charges will be put on your card. It is important that you tell us if your travel plans do not match what is on the web form; note that some date changes may make you responsible for payment, e.g., if you arrive earlier than or stay later than School dates. Also, if you are scheduled to have a roommate and one does not appear, notify the USPAS Office the following morning so that your room can be reassigned if necessary. Otherwise you may be responsible for room charges.

Each guest will be required to pre-pay a $50.00 deposit at check-in for their estimated incidental charges (telephone calls, room service, restaurant charges, in-room movies, etc.). If the initial deposit is exceeded, the guest will be required to make an additional deposit. All unused deposits will be refunded at the end of your stay. The deposit can be made by credit card or cash. We do not recommend that you use a debit card for this type of payment guarantee.

Please note if you are receiving financial support from the USPAS to cover your sleeping room: the USPAS will only pay for your room during the dates of the program. If you arrive earlier or stay later than those dates, you are responsible for paying the extra cost.


Breakfasts and dinners are provided to all participants (students and teaching teams). USPAS dinners will be provided from 6 to 7 p.m. beginning Sunday, June 4 through Thursday, June 15 (including the weekend, i.e. 12 dinners). Breakfasts will be provided from 7:30 to 9 a.m. daily from Monday June 5 through Friday June 16. Students attending both weeks of the school will receive 12 breakfasts & dinners, students attending one week of the school will receive 5 breakfasts & dinners. Attendees are free to make their own lunch arrangements.

USPAS meal tickets for accompanying persons must be purchased separately from the USPAS Office.

Study Room

USPAS Study is scheduled at the hotel every evening from 7:00 p.m. to midnight (including the weekend).

Class Computing Requirements and Internet Access

We will not have a Computer Lab with shared PCs so all participants are required to bring their own portable computer to access online course notes and computer resources. This can be a laptop or a tablet with a sufficiently large screen and keyboard. Windows, Mac, and Linux-based systems that are wifi capable and have a standard web browser and mouse are all acceptable. You should have privileges for software installs. If you are unable to bring a computer, please contact uspas@fnal.gov ASAP. Very limited IT support and spare loaner laptops will be available during the session..

We have secured free guest room internet for attendees booking their room via the housing link we send in your acceptance email.

Airport and Ground Transportation

There are 3 airports in the area:

Long Island MacArthur Airport is 15 miles from the hotel. We found this website with information on transportation from MacArthur to the hotel.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is 26 miles from the hotel. We found this website with information on transportation from Kennedy to the hotel.

LaGuardia Airport is 32 miles from the hotel. We found this website with information on transportation from LaGuardia to the hotel

Code of Conduct

Please read our Code of Conduct.