U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

Winter 2024 Application Form

Full details and course syllabi are available at https://uspas.fnal.gov/programs/2024/virginia/


Northern Illinois University

Hampton, Virginia, USA

Course Dates:

Two-week full courses: January 22 - February 2, 2024
One-week half courses: January 22 - 26 and January 29 - February 2, 2024

Deadline Dates:

Application deadline for all attendees and deadline to submit scholarship supporting documents: September 25, 2023

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The USPAS collects data on race/ethnic identity and gender identity to track school diversity. Disclosure is voluntary and individual responses are kept confidential. Please select what best describes you.

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  •   : I am currently enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student. If your answer is yes, please tell us at which university you are enrolled*
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  •   : I am a graduate student enrolled in one of the DOE Accelerator Science & Engineering Traineeships*
    1) Michigan State University’s Accelerator Science and Engineering Traineeship (ASET);
    2) Stony Brook University/Cornell University’s Ernest Courant Traineeship in Accelerator Science & Engineering;
    3) Illinois Institute of Technology/Northern Illinois University’s Chicagoland Accelerator Science Traineeship (CAST)
    4) Old Dominion University/Norfolk State University/Hampton University Traineeship

Course Selection

  • Please choose from the following:*

    One 2-week full course. (Students successfully completing a full course will earn 3 credits from Northern Illinois University).

    Full Courses January 22 - February 2, 2024

    Fundamentals of Accelerator Physics and Technology with Simulations and Measurements Lab CLASS FULL
    Accelerator Physics
    Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetism
    Microwave Electron Accelerators
    Microwave Sources
    Microwave Measurements and Beam Instrumentation at Jefferson Lab CLASS FULL
  • — OR —
  • Two successive one-week half courses. (Students successfully completing two half courses will earn 3 credits from Northern Illinois University).

    Half courses January 22 - 26, 2024

    Principles of Superconducting Linear Accelerators
    Beam-Based Diagnostics

    Half courses January 29 - February 2, 2024

    Control Room Accelerator Physics
    Design and Engineering of Modern Beam Dynamics

  • — OR —
  • A single one-week half course only (Students attending only one half course are not eligible to enroll for university credit. They can, however, ask to have their homework and exams graded and will be informed of their rating when the school is over.)

    Half courses January 22 - 26, 2024

    Principles of Superconducting Linear Accelerators
    Beam-Based Diagnostics

    Half courses January 29 - February 2, 2024

    Control Room Accelerator Physics
    Design and Engineering of Modern Beam Diagnostics
Credit / Audit Status

Class sizes are limited. Priority will be given to those who enroll for credit either via our academic host (Northern Illinois University) or through their home university if USPAS courses are directly co-listed (i.e. Indiana University, MIT, MSU) or are available via Special Topics courses. Auditors will be admitted on a space-available basis only after those seeking credit / a grade.

International participants not currently in the U.S. may participate but they cannot earn Northern Illinois University credit. They may ask that their performance be graded and when the session is over the USPAS will provide a letter confirming participation and rating earned.

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We will not have a Computer Lab with shared PCs so all participants are required to bring their own portable computer to access online course notes and computer resources. This can be a laptop or a tablet with a sufficiently large screen and keyboard. Windows, Mac, and Linux-based systems that are wifi capable and have a standard web browser and mouse are all acceptable. You should have privileges for software installs. If you are unable to bring a computer, please contact uspas@fnal.gov ASAP to request a laptop loan. Very limited IT support and spare loaner laptops will be available during the session.

U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens living in the U.S. may enroll for 3 credits from Northern Illinois University. International participants living outside the U.S. may apply to attend the program and may request financial sponsorship but they may not earn credit from Northern Illinois University. International students requesting a scholarship who are not from U.S. visa-waiver countries must already be in possession of a visa that is valid for the entire period of the USPAS session.

Attendees must be 18 years or older.

The Registration Fee is $1,500.00 if your Application Form is received before September 25; after September 25, the fee is $1,600.00. The Registration Fee is $1,000.00 for participants attending only one week of the program. Please note: you do not have to pay the Registration Fee by September 25 - you must send in an Application Form before September 25, 2023. Information on how and when to pay the Registration Fee will be sent to non-scholarship students upon acceptance into the program. Group dinners are included in the Registration Fee.

A group block of hotel rooms have been reserved for USPAS participants. A single room is available for $107.00 plus tax (currently 15%) plus a $2.00 Cultural Fee per night and a double room (shared by 2 people) is $53.50 plus tax (currently 15%) plus a $2.00 Cultural Fee per person per night. Sleeping rooms reserved via the link we email to you are also entitled to free sleeping room wifi access. We are using an Embassy Suites hotel so breakfasts are included in your room rate. Rooms may be reserved at our rate 3 days before and 3 days after the School dates based on hotel availability.

The USPAS provides breakfasts and dinners to students and teaching teams during the dates of the school. Please see General Information for more details


Currently-enrolled university and college students as well as postdocs within 5 years of graduation may request financial support. To be considered for any of these merit-based awards you must check the relevant application form boxes and submit supporting documents including: a cover letter explaining why the USPAS is important to your career and describing prior research experience, work with or as a user of particle accelerators; your CV/resume; one letter of recommendation.

If you submitted these documents for the winter or summer 2023 sessions you do not need to resubmit them for this application. We retain supporting documents for one year.

Students receiving any scholarship are expected to fully participate in all aspects of the course and must take their course for a grade/credit. Students receiving housing support must share their hotel room with another student. Scholarships are open to both U.S. and non-U.S. residents. Consideration will be given to balancing class sizes. Multiple awards are possible.

Scholarship requests and supporting documents are due September 25, 2023. This deadline will be strictly enforced. Please email your supporting documents to uspas@fnal.gov

1. USPAS Scholarship

Covers the registration fee (includes 2 meals per day) or shared housing or both. This award does not cover travel.

Registration fee requested
Shared hotel room, half-board & registration fee requested
No scholarship requested

2. USPAS's Sekazi K. Mtingwa Scholarship
Covers the registration fee (includes 2 meals per day), lunch, shared housing and most travel expenses.

The Sekazi K. Mtingwa Scholarship supports the increased participation of identities (Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino/a, American Indians and Alaskan Natives) that are historically underrepresented in the study and workforce of Accelerator Science and Engineering (AS&E). Eligible scholarship recipients are actively-enrolled Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) students historically underrepresented in AS&E. This scholarship is available to matriculated undergraduate and graduate students and covers your registration fee (includes 2 meals per day), lunches, shared housing and most travel expenses to and from the school session. More information on the Mtingwa Scholarships can be found at https://uspas.fnal.gov/about/about-mtingwa-scholarship.shtml

Mtingwa Scholarship requested

3. APS Division of Physics of Beams Travel Awards
Covers travel to and from the session. Reimbursable for actual expenses up to a limit.

The Division of Physics of Beams of the American Physical Society is offering a limited number of travel expense scholarships to USPAS students. Applicants must be members of the APS DPB unit (if you are not already a member you must join before requesting the award; student membership is free for the first year). Typical travel award amounts will be $600.00 with the possibility of larger awards for higher cost points of origin. You can enroll for DPB membership at https://www.aps.org/membership/ and more details on eligibility and the selection criteria can be found at DPB Scholarship Details.

APS DPB travel award requested (only available to those who are members of/join the APS DPB unit)

Application deadline for all attendees and deadline to submit scholarship supporting documents: September 25, 2023