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  2019 USPAS Prize winners announced

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2019 USPAS Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Science and Technology:

Frank Zimmerman

Frank Zimmermann

For outstanding scientific leadership in the accelerator design and beam physics of hadron colliders and dedicated editorship of professional accelerator journals.

Cameron Geddes

Cameron Geddes

For pioneering experiments on laser guiding, electron trapping, and high-quality beam production in laser-plasma accelerators.

Each winner will receive a certificate of merit and a cash award of $3,000.00. The awards are made possible by donations from Argonne National Laboratory; Brookhaven Science Associates; Fermi Research Alliance, LLC; SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the Jefferson Science Associates Initiatives Funds Program and will be presented at the North American Particle Accelerator Conference in September.

The USPAS prize honors individuals by recognizing their outstanding achievements over the full range of accelerator physics and technology. Two achievement prizes are awarded every two years. One of the two prizes will be awarded to an early-career scientist under 45 years of age. The prizes are awarded on a competitive basis without bias to race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, religion or class. 

USPAS Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Physics and Technology homepage

2019 Prize Selection Committee 
Alex Chao, (SLAC National Accelerator Lab), Chair
William Barletta (MIT)
Robert Hamm (R&M Technical Enterprises)
Kathy Harkay (Argonne National Lab) 
Andrew Hutton (Jefferson Lab)
Dejan Trbojevic (Brookhaven National Lab)
Jean-Luc Vay (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)


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