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Advanced Acceleration and Radiation Sources course

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University of Maryland
(This session has been cancelled)


Advanced Acceleration and Radiation Sources


Phillip Sprangle, Eric Esarey, Jonathan Krall and Antonio Ting, Naval Research Laboratory

This course will develop the physical and analytical principles for a wide range of advanced accelerator and radiation sources. The topics to be covered in the accelerator component of the course include laser acceleration in vacuum, gases, and plasmas. In particular, inverse Cherenkov, inverse free electron laser, inverse Smith-Purcell, plasma beat wave, and laser wakefield acceleration processes will be analyzed and discussed. In the radiation source component of the course, the physical principles responsible for the free electron laser and gyrotron mechanisms will be derived. Subjects such as beam conditioning for free electron lasers will be presented and analyzed. In addition, radiation sources based on a self-phase modulation process which results in ultra broadband radiation generation will be analyzed. The course will stress physical principles and analytical techniques. In addition, numerical techniques and recent experiments on the subjects will be covered. There will be tutorials on special relativity and nonlinear optics. Problem sets are assigned each day. Prerequisites: electromagnetism and classical mechanics.