U.S. Particle Accelerator School
U.S. Particle Accelerator School
Education in Beam Physics and Accelerator Technology

Canceled: University of Maryland (1996)

USPAS and the University of Maryland
June 3-14, 1996

**(Canceled over issues with online registration processing)**

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June 3-14, 1996 two-week full courses

Accelerator Fundamentals (undergraduate)
Michael Syphers, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Linda Spentzouris, Fermilab

Elements of Pulsed-Power Technology and High Current Beams
Hugh Kirbie and George Caporaso, LLNL

Linear Accelerators
Thomas Wangler and James Billen, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Radiofrequency Systems and Instrumentation
John Byrd, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Michiko Minty, SLAC

Accelerator Mathematics
Richard Talman and Elizabeth Young, Cornell University

June 3-7, 1996 one-week half courses

Electron Beam Sources and Injectors
Charles Sinclair and Bruce Dunham, CEBAF

Advanced Acceleration and Radiation Sources
Phillip Sprangle, Eric Esarey, Jonathan Krall and Antonio Ting, Naval Research Laboratory

June 10-14, 1996 one-week half courses

Fundamentals of Ion Beam Sources
Ian Brown, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Radiation Phenomena in Relativistic Particle Beams
Kwang-Je Kim, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory