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Radiofrequency Systems and Instrumentation course

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University of Maryland
(This session has been cancelled)


Radiofrequency Systems and Instrumentation


John Byrd, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Michiko Minty, SLAC

This course covers some of the myriad aspects of RF in accelerators, with the emphasis on application to electron storage rings. The first week focuses on RF accelerating systems. The RLC representation of a cavity mode and its coupling to the beam is developed. We will study in detail beam loading of the fundamental mode and its compensation. This is extended to the study of RF feedback systems, including feedback to control heavy beam loading. The second week of the course emphasizes RF beam diagnostics and signal processing in storage rings. Beam signals in the time and frequency domains are discussed as well as methods for detecting them and the instrumentation used. This includes a discussion of beam instabilities and the signals associated with them. Various pickups and kickers are described. Problems will be assigned each day. Prerequisites: junior level physics or engineering. An introductory course on accelerators would be useful although not required.