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Fundamentals of Ion Beam Sources course

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University of Maryland
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Fundamentals of Ion Beam Sources


Ian Brown, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Ion source technology has witnessed advances in many directions in recent years and the breadth and diversity of ion beam parameters that can be produced is impressive. Our understanding of ion sources and our approach to source design have grown and assumed a sound physical footing. The body of knowledge constituting the physics and technology of ion sources has matured into an effective research field with a world-wide research community drawn from a number of different scientific arenas. This course will address the physics and technology of ion beam formation by plasma-based ion sources. Course components will include: a review of relevant plasma physics; ionization phenomena; plasma formation techniques; ion beam extraction; low energy beam transport; ion source and beam parameters; diagnostics; typical electrical systems; some mechanical design considerations; survey of ion source types, with a detailed review of some; and applications including accelerator injection. Discussion sessions and problems will include new and developing methods and ideas in ion sources. Prerequisites: junior level physics or engineering.